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Retro Slices are hand drawn NFTs that are unique digital pizza collectables baked on the Solana blockchain. 8,000 Retro slices were cooked in a 1930's pizza parlor during the beginning of animation. Each slice of pizza is unique and baked with over 120 possible traits including, toppings, hats, items and more. All slices taste good but some are rarer then others. Picking up a slice will give you the opportunity for giveaways, IRL events, memberships and more. The public sale will be 1:00 pm MST, July 20th, 2022.There will be no whitelist. We want to give everyone the opportunity to mint a Retro Slice.


THE chefs

the team nina starr
Ninna Starr
noah the team philips
Noah Philips
Artist, website creator
Developer, Marketer

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